Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is ReadPays?
ReadPays hub is a news sharing platform created to provide news to it users in order to educate, enlighten and empower everyone on the system through our premium news posts, partners programs and other lucrative schemes. We source latest news, both national and international, from various platforms like google news, national dailies and other foreign broadcasting services.

ReadPays is one of Nigeria's most trusted news website that pays readers with affiliate commision and activities bonus. ReadPays has lunched two Earning Programs that will enable our readers/members make money online legitimately into their Nigeria bank accounts.

How can I start Earning from ReadPays?
We have two earning packages on ReadPays :
A) ReadPays clasic
B) ReadPays Platinum

Readpays clasic earning package is N1800 and can be activated online with an ATM card ( visa card, mastercard, Vervecard) or the purchase of Coupon/Activation code through any of our verified vendor. When you register for Readpays Clasic and pay using an ATM card, your account is automatically activated upon succesful payment. Using Coupon/Activation Code, your account will be activated within 30 minutes . Upon a succesful registration you will receive an Ads Earning Bonus of 3000 points .

What is RAE ?
RAE stands for Readpays Affliate Earning. This is the money you earn when you refer someone into the system.

How Can I Refer People To Earn Commision?
Upon registration and a succesful activation of your Readpays account, a unique Affilate/Referral link is generated for you. Visit your dasboard on "My Account", click on Referral links, copy it and send to your friends and family whom you wish to refer.

How much do I Earn as a referrer?
For each person you refer to Readpays, you earn N1000 commision instantly.

Must I be a referrer Before I Earn?
No, you must not be a referrer to earn. You can aslo earn through RAP.
I referred someone and didn't get the N1000 referral commision on my account?

It's simply becasuse the person you referred to Readpays didn't use the referral link you sent to him/her knowingly or unknowingly . So it's advisable to guide/instruct the person on how to use the referral link in order to benefit you.

What is RAR ?
RAR stands for Readpays ADs Revenue. This is a program in which we share the monthly revenue we made through our advertising partners.
You can take part in this program through your activities on our website.

How much can I earn from Readpays?
You can earn N10,000 to 100,000 monthly. However, we have threshold on transactions on withdrawing your RAE and RAR earnings.

Minimum withdrawal for RAE is N5000 and can be withdrawn on daily basis provided you have attained the minimum withdrawal threshold. Minimum withdrawal for RAR is N5000 and can only be withdrawn on monthly basis.

Can I Get Paid Without Being a Referrer?
Yes, you can earn and get paid without being a referrer.

How Can I Withdraw my Earnings?
You can withdraw your earnings through your Nigerian Bank Account only. Payments are being made 24hrs-48hrs after you have made your withdrawal request . NOTE: Your bank account details must correspond with your personal details on Readpays profile.

Withdrawal, Payment or Cash Out: Kindly note that affiliate / referral commisions are paid out in cash within 24 hours.
When you have earned up to N5,000 minimum threshold and above in your wallet, you can request for withdrawal and you will get paid without any delay.

Points / activities earning conversion is allowed monthly .

Minimum Eligibility for RAR is 30,000 points, and you stand a chance to get N5,000 if you qualify for our payment .

Note: You are to only earn 30,000 points, other earnings are earned at your own convenience and pleasure. The benefit of earning more points is that it gives you more edge to be paid faster because we share our Revenue from top activity earners to low earners till the Revenue gets exhausted.

Can I Add Multiple Bank Accounts For Withdrawal?
Yes, you can add multiple bank accounts provided the details match with your personal details.

Can I Have Muliptle Accounts On Readpays ?
No, you can only have one account.

How Can I Make Payment And Which Method Is Allowed?
Members are to make payment to activate Readpays Earning Package on Registration either using a Debit/Creditcard ( Visa/Mastercard, verve card) via paystack or purchase a coupon/Activation code from our verified vendors through bank transfer .

Where Can I find Readpays Vendors for a coupon/Activation code?
You can find our vendors listed only on our website.

Is there Any Other Charges / Fees ?
No. Once you pay the N1800 one time activation fee on resgistration, you will never be asked again to make any other payment unless you want to Upgrade to Readpays Platinum Package.

I Forgot My Username/Pasword Details ?
Visit the login page. Click on the pasword reset link or forgot pasword. A reset link will be automitically sent to your registered email.

Readpays Platinum Coming Soon...!