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ReadPays is one of the Nigeria most trusted news website that pays readers with affiliate commission and activities bonus. ReadPays have lunched two Earning programs that will enable our readers/members make money online legitimately into their Nigeria Bank accounts.

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why wasting that internet Data on instagram , TiKTOK , Facebook and other non-lucrative activties you engage online? Since internet Data is expensive you should also be making money with it by creating an Avenue for generating income online for yourself . oil is gradually lossing its vaule in the market. It is same as the story of the pilot and the camera man who lost their jobs at the same time to a common Drone. Do not focus only on your business/job. create another source of income for yourself. The world is changing everyday and internet is becoming more accessible than every other thing . When last did you buy or Read news from a Newspaper ? Make proper use of your time and internet data .

How To Earn On ReadPays

To Earn money on ReadPays Classic, you have to register and make a one time payment of N1800 to activate your account and join our earning program.

Platinum Coming soon

RAE: Earn N1000 for each person you refer into our earning program. To earn money on RAE you must refer someone into the ReadPays Earning programs, upon his/her succesful registration/account activation you will earn N1000 instantly. You will find your referral link you your dashboard. copy it and share it with your friends and family. Once they register and activate their account you will receive your referral bouns. Minimum payout on RAE is N5000 and we pay on weekly bases.

RAR: Earn money on RAR when you login on our website daily , read news , share sponsored post and campaign Banner to your social media accounts and post news on our website.

A) Once you Sign up, you receive bonus of 3000 points
B) Daily Login bonus is 100 points
C) Comment on post you earn 50 points
D) Reading News earns you 50 points
E) You Earn 100 points for sharing our Daily Sponsored Post and Campaign Banner.

Withdrawal, Payment or Cash Out: Kindly note that affiliate / referral commissions are paid out in cash within 24-48 hours. When you have earned up to N5,000 minimum threshold and above in your wallet, you can request for withdrawal and you will get paid without any delay.

Point / activities earning conversion is allowed monthly .

Minimum Eligibility for RAR is 30,000 points, and you stand a chance to get N5,000 if you Qualify for our payment .

Note: You are to only earn 30,000 points. Other earnings are earned at your own convenience and pleasure. The benefit of earning more points is that it gives you more edge to be paid faster because we share our Revenue from top activities earners to low earners till the revenue getS exhausted.

make sure you share our sponsored post and campaign Banner so your withdrawal don't get decline.