How to resolve marital conflict

Every married couple experience a situation of misunderstanding and conflict in their homes. Sometimes the marital conflict seem like it won’t be resolved. However, resolving marital conflicts is a process. When one is upset we focus on the issues rather than the bright moments of our marital bliss. Here are steps on how to resolve marital conflict

Speak up

Most marital conflict linger for a long time because the partner who believes he/she offended has refused to speak up. Marital conflicts could be as a result of a little misunderstanding which would only require a little explanation from your partner to clarify and resolve this issues. Iron out the issues by engaging in a conversation.

Listen without defending

Let both parties air their view on what could be the problem of the resulting conflicts. While you listen to your partner, listen attentively without any distractions and avoid defending your self while he/she is talking

Affirm the good in your spouse

Before you start giving reasons or explanation on why you did a particular thing IF ANY, affirm the good in your spouse, explain how good your spouse have been to you and so on


A simple I am sorry will melt the heart of your partner. Sincerely apologize to your spouse and promise not to do anything to hurt him/her. However, don’t always offend your spouse hoping to say I am sorry whenever she complains.

Turn a new leaf

Don’t go back to doing that which caused conflict between the two of you. Turn a new leaf and put in your best in the relationship and I bet you would love happily ever after

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