How to correctly use a face mask

With the outbreak of the dreaded Corona Virus, the use of face mask is now necessary. In many cities, it’s a crime to move around in public places without face masks. Wearing face mask gives a sense of protection to the person. However, there is a proper way of wearing face mask for it to serve the protection needed

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one is expected to wear face mask when he is having fever, cough and/or any respiratory symptoms. Here is how to correctly use a face mask.

1. To wear your face mask, you have to wash your hand with soap and running water for upto 20 seconds or use an alcohol based hand sanitizer.
2. Carefully check for tears and broken loops in your face mask
3. Wear your mask facing the colored part outside and the metallic strip at the bridge of the nose
4. Mould the metallic strip to the shape of your nose by pressing it downwards
5. Pull the base of the mask over your mouth down to your jaw
6. Do not touch the mask once positioned
7. If the mask is damped replace with a new one
8. Dispose mask carefully after use

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