How to let go of toxic relationships

Many people are in relationships where the partner is emotionally and physically damaging to them. You might want to leave this relationship but the love and affection you have may keep you entangled in the situation while you suffer a toxic relationship. Leaving a toxic elation ship is not easy especially because both of you have shared things in common. Here is how to let go of toxic relationship

Leave and don’t look back

Once you have packed up and left your partners house never look back not even to say goodbye. Put a distance between you too. Leave the relationship physically and mentally though it might not be easy but looking back will only stop the healing process and cause you misery

Accept the fact that it will be lonely

You ve spent most of your time with your partner and think of the moments with him almost all the time. So cutting your partner off is definitely going to a lonely time for you. To save yourself from the situation spend more time with your family and friends.

Expect opposition

Some of your friends will oppose you leaving the relationship probably because they don’t understand what you are going through. However, you will discover you are moving to better life by walking out of toxic relationships.

Take a break

Do not rush into getting into another relationship. Though getting into a relationship might seem like the right thing to do at the moment but you may likely make mistakes if you do so. Take your time to heal then you can get into a relationship with a clear head.

You are not the only one

Don’t think you are the only one who has ever left a toxic relationship. There are so many others who have suffered heart breaks and has left an abusive relationship

Don’t think negative

Don’t ever think you made a wrong decision by leaving a toxic relationship. You are bound to be depressed and your healing process slow if you have doubts about leaving a toxic relationship


Yes, prayer is a very essential tool in leaving a toxic relationship. Pray and ask God to heal you and believe he would heal you. You also have to understand that the healing is a gradual process and not overnight

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