How to get a guy you like to ask you out

Let’s say you came in contact with a cute looking guy whom you can’t get your mind off. If you really like the guy and want him to ask you out, then you have nothing to worry about. Getting a guys attention and getting him to ask you out is easy. You have to let him understand you want to go out without necessarily telling him. Once you follow this steps, he will ask you out and your dating life restored.

Get him to know you

While engaging in discussions, get to know each other , dive into discussions that will make you know each other. Talk about yourself, your work, hobbies and so on. Guys will only pick interest in someone they know

Be Appreciative

Guys love being appreciated especially if it’s coming from a woman. Give him sincere appreciation and validations. Guys want to spend time with women who sincerely compliments and appreciates them.

Focus on interests you have in common

Focus on the activities both of you have interest in. If you both love to watch a particular soccer team, hobbies or movie, make arrangements to engage in such activities by engaging in related discussions.

Always share your excitements

Share your excitements with him on similar interests like a new restaurant that serves a particular dish both of you love. Talk about a particular sports both of you have interest in and so on.

Flirt with him

Show your interest in him by flirting with him. Send wink emoji, kiss emoji while chatting with him, laugh at his jokes, give him complementary nick names, make eye contacts and smile with him, give him mini massage and compliment him

Make sure he has your number

If it’s the first time you are meeting him, make sure he has your number. Give him a reason to collect your number, maybe an event, a sports, a reminder. Exchanging number guarantee you could get to connect some other time.

Express your desire to see him again

Always express your desire to see him again and how much fun you had spending time with him. This prompts him to make make arrangements to get to meet with you again.

Don’t wait too long

If you really like a guy, you could tell him how much you like him and care about him or you could move on

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