Phone use rules for couples

It’s no doubt that handsets have become an essential part of human existence and communication. The way you use a handset can build or mar your relationship. Here is phone use rules for couples

1. Don’t always put your phone in silent

If you belong to the category of spouse who will put their phone on silent or turning it off when you are with your partner, then you need to stop it. Don’t make it a habit of walking away from your partner when you want to answer calls. Your partner will feel threatened with the fact that you avoid calls when you are together, and that is the foundation of suspicion and mistrust.

2. Answer your partners calls with a difference

Aside the fact that you saved your spouse number with something special, the way you answer his/her calls determines how the conversation will flow. If your respond is cold, the conversation will be cold. Always make your partner feel loved while on the phone. Though it’s ok to call or chat with friends but no friend should have more attention than your partner.

Communicate regularly
Always call your partner. Let him/her know where you will be going to, with who you are going out with and when you will be back. Always notify your partner whenever you will not be coming home on time.

Flirt with your spouse
Yes, flirt with your spouse while talking on the phone with him/her. Never flirt with others on phone except your spouse and wade off anyone who tries to flirt with you on phone.

Keep your phone when spending time with your partner
If you are on a date with your partner keep your phones off. If your partner is telling you how his/her day went, keep your phone away. Focus on each other, that shows you are listening and that you care.

Always call but don’t bug
Call your partner as often as you can. Make sure he/she is not the only one calling. Call her daily, call her after date nights but never bug them. If you call a couple of times and they don’t pick, don’t call again unless it’s an emergency. Your partner will get irritated of your calls if you call too much. If you see your spouse’s missed call, call back

Avoid conflicts over the phone
When there is a misunderstanding between you too, don’t avoid each other’s call. Also don’t try settling serious issues over the phone or blab about your issues on social media cos it will only make it worse

Enjoy social life together
While spending time together on dates, expeditions and events, take a lot of pictures for memories but don’t post too much about your love life online

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