How is education important

Education is an enlightening experience that involves receiving or giving a systematic information in schools. Facilitating and acquisition of knowledge whether formally in schools or informally at homes and communities is education.

Education comes from the Latin word “educationem“ which means to lead. This implies that when you educate someone you are leading the person through how things should be done

In today’s world, getting an education is always emphasized. This might leave you to wonder if education is really important. It’s necessary to understand that education is the act of putting one's potentials to maximum use.

Education doesn’t start from the classrooms but from the moment you are born, your immediate family starts to educate you on how you should do things and how you shouldn’t

This importance of education can be summarized as follows which are the training of the human mind to be better thinkers, to better access situations and make better decisions. That is to say that level of your education determines how you think and affects the decision you make.

Education avails you informations about the external world different from the world you live in. Education avails you with cultures, heritage and social lifestyle of the world around you.

Education helps you understand the world you live in. Through history, you learn about yourself, your culture, heritage and noms. It also avails you with the necessary information of the present.

Education broadens your scope. Without education one is like a closed classroom but once educated, you are like a room with all the doors and windows open to different opportunities.

Education helps you learn how to develop and moral, physical and mental powers.

Education is not just about the subjects we learn in the classroom but also the morals, culture, norms and the trainings we acquire outside the classroom. How we associate with people, being street smart and so on.

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