Keys to a healthy relationship

Being in a healthy relationship is the dream of everyone. Having a healthy relationship starts with trusting each other and knowing how to handle your insecurities. I may not be a relationship expert but if you want to have a healthy relationship these are the keys

Let go of your past
Never you compare your past relationships with the present one. Don’t compare your ex with your new partner and avoid punishing your partner for the mishaps in your past relationships. Live in your moments,appreciate each other and plan towards having a better future.

Don’t confuse imaginations with realities.
It is good to imagine things but don’t let your imaginations ruin your reality. In a world were a lot of people display cozy relationship on social media, imaginations is imminent but should never dictate your reality.

Ensure you are always in an open and honest communication between the two of you. Talk regularly and when you are miles apart communicate in phone and chat on social media.

Stop trying to read mind
When you have issues discuss it with your partner for clarification and understanding. Don’t make assumptions based on what you think a situation is

Give him/her space
Yes both of you are in love but if you don’t give each other space to have some personal time, you will get tired of each other and the relationship may likely end. Leave his/her private properties like phone, Facebook and WhatsApp chats.

Relationships will not always be rosy as it is from the onset. How you handle the problems determine if the relationship will last. Always bear in mind that you are responsible for your happiness

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