See What Okada Riders, Motorists Did After Fulani Herdsmen Blocked Road In Abuja With Cows

The issue of Fulani herdsmen is getting many well-meaning Nigerians worried at the moment. As it seems, these herdsmen roam about major roads with their cows obstructing the movement of vehicles and motorcycles. Have you ever been forced to stop on the road because of a herd of cows passing?. Have you ever come across cows on a major road before?. Here is a practical example for you to see and possibly learn.

Presently, some pictures are making waves on social media. The said pictures show some Fulani herdsmen obstructing a major road in Abuja with their cows today. As is seen, a herd of cows was seen moving aimlessly in the street blocking passersby. As is observed, a particular okada rider carrying a passenger was forced to stop because of the cows. As can be seen, he could not go back because the cows came from the bush. All the okada riders and motorists were forced to stop for the cows to pass.

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