My Uncle's Wife Keeps Seducing Me At Night, What Should I Do? Man Asks

A male Twitter user has alleged that his uncle's wife has been seducing him almost every night even as he inquired from his followers and other Twitter users on what his next line of action should be.
Some married women are like the biblical wife of pharaoh who tried tirelessly to get young Joseph into bed with her and failed repeatedly. They are on the lookout for men to seduce even as they are married.

The fact that they are happily married does not seem to stop these type of women as they still go about searching on younger men to cheat on their husbands with.

In the instant case which was reported on popular social media platform known as Twitter by one Twitter user named Jekomo, a self acclaimed banker, a married woman tried to seduce a young man repeatedly.

It is not even the case that it is a random man that she is trying to get in bed with, but he happens to be her husband's nephew as the young man reported that the lady's husband is his uncle.
According to the young man, his uncle's wife has been trying repeatedly to seduce him. He further asked to know what he should do next, whether to fall for it or stand his ground and refuse.

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