6 Things Onions Does To Your Body When Eaten Raw

Onions are a vegetable that has been around for thousands of years. Our forefathers used it lavishly in their meals and, they benefited immensely from the super veggie.
Many are recently realizing that onion is more than a veggie and aroma booster. And indeed, it can save your life. Its medicinal prowess makes it a very potent medicinal plant capable of nipping many life-threatening diseases including cancer and heart disease in the bud.
To get the best from this super vegetable, onions are best eaten raw. Nutrition experts have also concurred to this fact; that eating onion in their raw forms to reap the greatest health benefits. The best practice consists of chopping or crushing garlic and onion 5 to 15 minutes before eating, as rupturing the cell structure releases chemical components and allows them to mix and form new phytonutrients. "The stronger the smell, the better for your health," they say. However, if you are averse to eating it directly, you can slice some on your food before eating them.

Helps Fight Cancer

Onions are powerful when it comes to getting rid of cancer cells in the body. It can activate the pathways that provoke the cancer cells to kill themselves. In simple term, it means onions will make the environment unfavourable for cancer cells to communicate, and this hinders their growth. To get this result, eat it raw.

Can Relieve Nasal Congestion

Lower Blood Sugar Levels

For those battling with high sugar levels, a study has proven that onion extract can help lower blood sugar levels. This works best, however, in combination with diligently taking your medicines religiously.

Improves Sleep

Onion Prevents Blood Clots

Onions contain a unique compound named rutin, which can help prevent blood from clotting. Blood clots usually occur in the arteries and veins; in the arteries, the clots are platelet-rich while in veins they are fibrin-rich. This special compound is called rutin in onions. It is what helps to block the enzyme, which is released very quickly when a blood clot is formed.

Raw Onions Help Cure Fever
There are more than a hundred more things the super veggie, onion can do if eaten raw. So, do not hesitate to try it out one of these days.

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