7 things you never know your phone's fingerprint sensor could do

Authenticate Google Play Purchases.
You can download free apps easily but when it comes to the point of download paid applications,Google will ask for password to verify whether its actually you who is making the purchase. To make this step faster just open the play store app and head to 'settings 'by tapping on the three horizontal lines at the left hand side of the app. Mark the box with 'fingerprint or Biometric 'authentication. If you have a saved fingerprint then you can just place your finger to complete every transaction.
Lock Down Apps Selectively

Should in case there are multiple using a phone you may want or need to lock or keep some apps safe from prying eyes while at the same time granting access to other apps. App lock Fingerprint unlock is free and you can choose apps you want to lock. Even settings like phone calls, app installs and WiFi/Bluetooth can be locked. It also has a feature named 'Intruder selfie'which takes pictures of anyone trying to unlock the apps.

As a Camera Shutter
This feature might be built into the 'stock camera app' on some phones, the oppurtuinity to just tap the fingerprint sensor to take pictures rather than the screen. To activate this feature on your phone go to the settings of the camera app And activate it, if its not available you can add it to your Android with 'Dactyl' by Nick Yelito (an in-app purchase), so you won't buy a wrong version the developer has designed a free trial version so you can try it with your favorite apps. You can buy the full app once the trial version is compatible with your device.

Fingerprints as Gestures

Fingerprint Gestures is an in-app purchase application created by 'SuperThomasLab'. This application allows you to use a saved fingerprint to carry out certain actions such as, launching an app, activate torch, open notifications and control music playback. This feature is built into the Google Pixel but you can as well download it onto any other android. The success may be different depending on the device while some gestures will work mainly on Android 6.0 and higher. The type of fingerprint sensor also seems to be a determining factor in the success and failure of the application.

Showing Selective Photos from Gallery

When you pass your phone to someone to check a particular picture, don't you get angry if the person starts to swipe and check the pictures in your Gallery? Caramel Apps, makers of Solo apps know what's best for you . with the solo app you can select the pictures you want the person to see and lock the remaining pictures. The remaining pictures will be locked with your fingerprint and you can safely hand your phone over to anyone who wants to see the pictures. The basic app Is free but to enjoy all the features the full app costs $1.99

Keep Passwords Secure

In case you have different passwords for your accounts, then you need a password vault where you can store all your passwords. The vault serves acts as a secure place to keep your passwords, the vault will be locked with a master key. Lastpass, one of the leading password vaults also supports fingerprint unlock.

Samsung Pay

A service officially launched on the 22nd of April 2017, is available on selected Samsung Galaxy phones it allows you to pay at Samsung supported Merchant POS and all you need to do is to swipe your phone over the POS machine to pay. The phones that are Eligible will be upgraded and the Samsung pay app on such devices. Up to 10 cards can be added and once it is setup with your fingerprint and password then you can carry out transactions on it.

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