How To Recover Deleted Photos And files From Memory Card

Here is how you can easily recover your erroneously deleted photos or videos on your memory card for free, with aid of the guide, apps and tools shared on this post you should be able to get those photos your never knew how they got missing from your android or pc back , who said you never knew what happened to them “you deleted them!!

Everyone has been there: when cleaning the smartphone and memory card, the user confuses and deletes files and photos he shouldn’t. Worse, there were no copies of them anywhere else. Even though the situation seems desperate, it is possible to recover photos and videos from the memory card with the right tools (and a little luck).
Here, we give you the tips of programs capable of recovering photos and files deleted from the memory card, available for Windows, macOS and Android platforms.

Recover photos and files from memory card (PC and Mac)
There are a number of programs compatible with Windows and macOS for recovering deleted files, but only two are the best, most reliable and completely free, one of which is compatible with both operating systems. Let’s go to them:

1. Disk Drill (Windows, MacOS)
When it comes to recovering deleted files, Disk Drill is a very powerful and easy to use tool. It recognizes any drive connected to your PC or Mac and offers quick or in-depth analysis options that offer better results, but take longer.

Once installed, select the unit you want to analyze, choose the way of scanning and wait for the process to finish.

At the end, select the files (you can browse the folders) and click the Recover button; Disk Drill will ask you to indicate a second folder where the files will be saved (preferably on your hard drive).

If your computer has not been able to recognize your memory card, the solution is to recover files from your smartphone. In the case of Android, one of the most powerful and practical tools is DiskDigger ; in the free version it only retrieves photos, since the paid one is able to rescue videos and other types of files.

In addition, the deep scan option is only possible on rooted Android, though there are advantages & disadvantages of rooting devices . But, anyway, the basic search is able to serve most users.

Once the scan has started (which may take some time, depending on the internal space of the smartphone and the memory card), it is possible to view the files already recovered. After the analysis, the user can manually select the files and save them locally, in a cloud service (such as Google Drive or Dropbox ) or even upload them to an FTP server, in addition to permanently deleting them from the card.

That’s the few free methods of recovery deleted photos and videos on Android and PC, hope you found the guide useful

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