She Is HIV Positive But Married And Blessed With 3 Healthy And HIV Negative Children (Photos)

If you are a HIV patient, it is never a death sentence and your hope is not lost. Many victim of HIV has lost home and are afraid of death. Do you Know that there are people who have lived long and are still living healthy even with their HIV positive state? If you are HIV positive, your world has not come to an end and there is still hope for you. Keep your hopes alive as you can still live long and healthy even as a HIV patient.
Here is a couple that has been together, happily married and blessed with beautiful children.
This Lady is named 'Ethanma' who boldly identified on Twitter that she is HIV positive and she is doing well and Healthy. She also advices people to believe in themselves and be strong because the world will definitely turn their back on you. She also told the public about The ARVs she has been taking that has helped her in building a happy and blessed home. She and her husband with her kids seems to be happy and blessed together. According to her, her 3 children and her husband are all Negative. This left people wondering how she made it.
God has indeed blessed this family despite the woman health condition which made many people to be motivated and inspired. There are many people out there faced with this challenges but the society will not let them be. They have been stigmatized and mocked because of the HIV status. It is never the end of the world for HIV patient so be strong. HIV can be managed and you can still live long, but most people feel ashamed and ridiculed.
The woman explained how her pills and medication helped her. If you can correctly take your medication and eat healthy food then your life span will be long. Her message has indeed saved a soul. It is not the end of the road.
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