If Your Urine Has This Ordour, Then Your Blood Sugar Level is High and You Need to See the Doctor

The Human body is organised in such a way that whenever one side is affected, it literally affects all aspects. When there is too much sugar in the blood, it affects the kidney, and even influences the waste products of the individual.

If you have high blood sugar and haven't gone for a test, then this article will be of maximum importance to you. Reason being that, we are going to discuss the urine smell that indicates you have a high blood sugar. Just sit tight and enjoy the article.

What is High Blood Sugar (Hyperglycemia)?

Hyperglycemia otherwise known as High Blood sugar is a health condition that befalls an individual when he or she takes much Carbohydrate or foods rich in sugar/glucose. Usually people start experiencing an upsurge in their blood sugar levels when the insulin production is not able to suture or balance the level of sugar being taken by the person.

It is a serious health condition and usually the cause of type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes is a life threatening health condition as well and it's not something anyone should pray for. That aside though, as already stated, we are going to have a look at the urine ordour that points to the fact that your blood sugar may be high.

What Urine Smell Points to the Fact that You Have High Blood Sugar?

I am sure you know what urine smells like on a general note. Due to numerous substances from the human body, a healthy urine smells slightly like ammonia. But if yours doesn't smell slightly like ammonia but rather a strong sweet Ordour, then there is a high chance, your blood sugar is very high. This experience is usually accompanied by frequent urination; once you notice a strong sweet scent in your urine coupled with frequent urination, just go to the hospital for a blood sugar test.

It is usually the body's way of getting rid of excess sugar in the blood but also points at an alarming level of sugar in the blood of any person. Just take note and be safe, always visit the hospital for tests as good health is wealth. Thanks.

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