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10 Creative Apps On Mobile Devices

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Someone can actually make money with his mobile device if and only if you can realize how powerful it can be.

A list of things that can actually give you a little income as a smart  student or as a second source of income.
Or While you work.

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1. You can Start a Blog
2. Learn Graphics and 3D Animation
3. Screen writing/ script writing
4. Writing post for bloggers online
5.Try Affiliate marketing
6.Check out drop shipping
7.Create videos

All these are many more you can actually start up on your own with your phone.

Don’t just be there viewing statuses on WhatsApp. Burning your data and not having another way of replenishing it back .With at least your smart phone.

Most students are in University where there’s a free WiFi provided for them.
Most people go there to download movies.

That’s fine but a YouTube video on learning graphics would also do you good.

Imagine doing something that draws audience on a good aspect , and someone else have to pay you just to place an advert on that platform of yours.

It can be your WhatsApp status, your Facebook and Twitter handle.

Well this post won’t be long it’s just an intro for you to make up your mind.
Change your mind set now and go for more.

Finally make more research on this topic.. I’ll be dropping some steps to guide you through in my next post.It would be basically on steps on being creative with your smart phone.


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At mid 2018 when I bought one of my best phones so far Gionee A1lite .

Though it was costly but I really did enjoyed it and it also helped building my creativity to bigger hieghts .

Here are the aspects it really helped.

List of creative Apps on Mobile Phones

For categories
video editing
Content creation

So I got this big phone of mine then with my hard earned money, that was almost two times my salary then ‘ so I got it for 42k on jumia .

So I started making research online and offline until a friend of mine Daniel introduced me to (#Pixel lab) an Android app for graphics creation. Little by little I started learning the protocols in it.

The app isn’t that much hard to learn just a little attention to it and you have got all it needs. Managing the Color mixing, font stlyes and Sizes.

With the app I was able to create my first Pictogram (poster) and then banners . Until after some month I got a knowledge of something… yes!!!

I saw someone’s logo on Instagram and then I said I must create something similar to it before I sleep.

After some hours of trials and failure I really had to give up, but that wasn’t the end the next morning I went to it trying out new ways and new partens of making that dream a reality.

This means now that I was able to to create with this app ……

a logo,An advert banner, poster

YouTube thumbnails

Another App I count very important is

It’s an Adobe software. You Know apart from the fact that they have an established name already, the app is Good and recomendably.
It’s used to add tune to pictures, color and saturation .


This app is really a good one it helps you through the process of designing and arranging texts, images , fonts .
Okay, one of the great advantage the app gives you is this…

It got so many templates you may like to use or you might love the project you have in mind to look like.

All you need to do is this once you open it search for the keywords for example , birthday cards, Movies, music poster , Banner , infographic etc… A list of them will pop up and you can select from there .

You can actually start up a fresh project from the scratch , it would be interesting you know but as a beginner just try and use templates with time you’d get better.

One other advantage is that each project is already saved online once you’re done designing and exporting. So even if you mistakenly loose your device, your projects are safe online.

Here is an example of the movie poster I once created on Canva.

But one of the problem you might face using Canva is DATA. Since it doesn’t have an offline mode, you need to be online before you can design any project.

As a beginner I’ll encourage you to give It a try .

Spark Post-Adobe

This app is similar to Canva in some ways but since it’s owned by Adobe, you need to expect something much greater.

So most of the features I told you guys above on Canva are all there ranging from text fonts, sizes, color and design are all available for you.

The Templates are also cool and all you need is to type the keywords you need on the search button and boom you’re few steps to finishing up your project.

All files are saved online, can still be exported to your device. But all designing are done online.

Photoshop -adobe
This app is something still serving you they same way lighroom would do . So no much difference since it’s all on Android device.

My conclusion is this ; you don’t really need it .

Coming to this aspects , I know most might be less interested in this video editing aspect cus we might be seeing it as something more stressful and bulky , therefore let’s leave it for professionals.

But let me shock you
I started video editing with my Android phone of which the edits was far better than that of our previous editor then.

All it took me was just determination and the passion in learning it.

I’ll recommend only one app on video editing for you so you don’t go wasting your time on irrelevant stuffs.


Click here to get on play store

Have you downloaded it. If you did just follow my instructions.

Kindly leave it on free mode as we go on I’ll show you how to remove the water mark on it after exporting.

Open the app import your first video and start cutting ( removing the irrelevant parts) , and the joining them together for continuity .

Add subtitles to your video if you wish but I’ll encourage you to do so.
Cus it improves video quality. Choose good fonts for your subtitles

Check good subtitles here.
Or you can check for fonts on their online store.

Check for sound , click on the clip there you can raise the volume higher/lower or even mute as the case maybe.

Check your video again and again for mistakes and correct if any if you have any difficulty on this kind meet me in the comment section.

Once done export your video.
Make sure you export with the best quality available . Maybe later you’d find a way to crush the size.

Try editing as many as you can. Don’t stop even if you fail or make a mistake ….it’s natural… it happens even to great editors like Brightchuks lols..

This should be the most important aspect of this write up I guess cus it’s the most deepest.
I started with blogspot Daniel Okeke introduced me to it.

I managed it for 6 months then I felt like I need to explore more on blogging. I invested my money , time and resources in it . On the month of December 2018 I migrated to WordPress, and started anew.

So starting blogging as a beginner , there are stuffs you need to Know
1. Forget about the money
2.learn how to write
3.Be ready to invest your money. ( But beware of scammers)

All you need to do is browse more on blogging cus the only way you can write more is to read more . Don’t say this post might not be relevant but trust me no knowledge is a waste. Try to read headlines and in between lines .

Get a niche (an area of specification)
Get a domain name ( preferably .com)
Start your platform.
Get good website themes they matter alot.
Cus that’s how your site is being presented to your visitors and followers.
Learn how to write.

Connect your social handles to your site so that once you post , your followers and all those on your mailing list will be alerted.

#marketing/ Building your platform

Talking about this there are steps to be taken.
I can remember sometime back in 2017 , I was googling how to become a celebrity. Then I saw the steps needed.

Here they are.
Find your niche ( preferably something you have passion for) example of niches are Football, sports, movies , pets, entertainment, health, education, culture and tourism, Spiritual life.

All these you can choose one and start from there.

Repair your social media handles. And restrict people from posting on your Facebook wall it really matters. Don’t post irrelevant stuffs. Mind how you comment on sensitive posts.

Build your Brand . Get people to believe in you you can start with WhatsApp Broadcast or Facebook or Twitter post . But then Stick to anyone you choose.
This post is getting longer guys I’ll need to stop here .
In my next post I’ll talk more on Branding and Marketing.


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