2023 Election: Pat Utomi Makes Revelations Regarding Peter Obi’s Upcoming Manifesto

A chieftain of the LP and a prominent Nigerian, Pat Utomi, has made some revelations regarding why Peter Obi has yet to unveil his manifesto ahead of next year’s election. During his interview on AIT News, Utomi stated that his candidate will not follow the trend of outsourcing the manifesto to some experts.

He continued, “The document got to a significant stage, but the campaign got in the way of sitting down with the candidate to analyze the manifesto so that he can be held accountable.” In the last three days, we have spent five hours per day with Peter Obi vetting the document. It continues this afternoon, and hopefully, it will be finalized today. He then has the prerogative to make it public. He was actively involved in making the document, and he can unveil it whenever he decides to do so.

Written by Grandbros

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