2023: Northerners don’t need Yoruba or Igbo candidates – Atiku

During an Interactive Session With Arewa Joint Committee conducted on Saturday in Kaduna State, Atiku made this statement in response to a question asked to him by Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, spokesman for the Northern Elders Forum, (NEF).

Because he is a Pan-Nigerian of northern descent, he claims that Northerners should support him over a Yoruba or Igbo candidate.

Abubakar Atiku responded, “What the typical Northerner needs is somebody who’s from the north and also knows that portion of the country and has been able to develop bridges throughout the country,” in response to Baba-Ahmed question about why Northerners should support him in the presidential election.

I come before you as a Pan-Nigerian of northern background; this is what the Northerner wants, not a Yoruba or an Igbo candidate.

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