4 Reasons Why Women Need Breast Massage Regularly

1. Breast cancer detection

A sudden bump that appears as you run your fingers along the breast tissue is a crucial indicator that something potentially harmful may be hiding beneath the skin. Self-exams of the breast are crucial for finding breast cancer.

Healthline reports that self-detection accounts for 71% of breast cancer diagnoses in women under the age of 50. You can spot any potential anomalies in breast tissue by using breast massage as a regular component of your practice.

2. Breast massage can improve your circulation and help with breastfeeding

In order to increase blood flow to the mammary glands, healthline advises massaging the breasts. According to healthline, circulation in the breast region is crucial since it has been shown to release oxytocin, a hormone that reduces stress and depressive symptoms.

In addition, it can greatly benefit new mothers who decide to breastfeed: Regular breast massage can help keep the circulation and milk flowing through the breasts, which could ease the process and reduce pain.

3. Ease sore muscles

Back, shoulder, and chest pain can all be relieved by massaging the twins. You don’t need to perform enough pull-ups to exhaust your chest muscles for a physical fitness exam.

Your chest muscles may get sore if your back is tense. The discomfort in these places can be soothed and tension in the pectoral muscles can be reduced.

Over time, receiving a chest massage as opposed to only a back massage may prove to be more unwinding. A back massage won’t completely remove your chest stress, which can cause your back to stiffen up once more.

4. Breast massage can provide relief from swelling

You might have aching breasts that could use some TLC from breast massage if you’re breastfeeding or experiencing period pain.

The great thing about Ayurvedic breast massage is that by using oil and then finishing the massage with heat (a bath, shower, sauna, or hot towel), you’re opening up the pores and allowing the oil—which, at the spa, is typically blended with herbs—to seep into your skin and deeper into your tissues. According to healthline, applying the oil and then taking a bath or shower to let it soak in deeper will help with pain and inflammation if you have discomfort or swelling.

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