4 Signs You’ll First Notice When Your Kidney Is Not Working Properly

Many Nigerians suffer from kidney disease and are completely unaware of it. Because kidney issues might go unnoticed until the disease has progressed, they are frequently referred to as “silent killers.” It’s critical to recognise kidney disease’s early warning signals to protect your kidneys from long-term harm.

As part of a standard physical examination, your doctor might request a blood test for a basic metabolic panel. One of the earliest indicators of renal illness, abnormal amounts of creatinine or urea are determined by this test.

According to Medicalnewstoday, below are 4 signs you’ll first notice when your kidney isn’t working properly

1. Change in urination habit.

Changes in urine patterns are the first early indicator of kidney infection. Changes in the amount of urine, foaming, pale or dark urine, or red urine coloration could all be signs that something is wrong. Your doctor or a specialist in the area can identify the concerns, whether they are due to dehydration alone or the onset of severe kidney malfunction.

Kidney failure typically progresses through the five phases slowly, with the exception of some acute (or urgent) issues, such as seeing blood in the urine, having trouble urinating, or such isolated disorders in pregnancy as pre-eclampsia.

2. Swelling and back pain.

If your kidney isn’t functioning properly, it probably has a hard time eliminating too much fluid from the body. Fluid accumulates in the body and produces swelling when the kidneys are unable to eliminate excess fluid. Your face, hands, legs, feet, and ankles may experience this swelling. Around your eyes, you might also appear puffy. Shortness of breath may result from the fluid’s accumulation in your lungs.

Back, side, or pain below the ribs are common symptoms of early kidney diseases including pyelonephritis or renal calculus.

3. Dry and Itchy Skin.

Your kidneys are in charge of ensuring that your body has the proper levels of minerals and that your bones remain strong. Dry skin and itchy patches might develop when your kidneys are unable to keep your blood’s mineral and nutrition levels in a healthy range. Kidney failure-related rashes typically feel “deeper” than typical rashes and won’t respond to topical therapy.

4. Trouble Sleeping and Loss of Appetite.

Your kidneys’ filtration function is compromised by any issue with them. Toxins linger in your body when your kidneys aren’t efficiently filtering and eliminating them. You may find it challenging to sleep if pollutants build up. In people with chronic renal disease, obesity and sleep apnea are more prevalent.

Toxins including acids, urea, and creatinine can also build up in your body as a result of diminished kidney function. These poisons make you less hungry. You will notice a change in flavour in severe renal disease, which is frequently described as a persistent metallic aftertaste.

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