Chord Progression Of Wonderful Wonder by Nathaniel Bassey

chord progression and tonic solfa

I was quite shocked when this song, wonderful wonder was raised as a special number some weeks ago. Thanks to my ability to score songs easily, finding the chord progression was not a problem.

The chord progression of wonderful wonder by Nathaniel Bassey has many variations but only the original progression can the the real feeling of the song.

So today, I am going to give you the original chord progression of the son.

[fah] Summer [doh] winter [lah] autumn spring [soh]

[fah] mountains [doh] blue skies [lah] and the seas [soh]

[fah] rainbows [doh]sunshine [lah] and the trees [soh]

[fah] Jesus [doh] maker [lah] of them all [soh]

So as you can see, the chord progression is fah – doh – lah – soh which is 4-1-6-5.

You can also vamp to create that tone between the lah and soh. listen to the song to hear it.

The song wonderful wonder by Nathaniel Bassey was sang in the key of G#.


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