Tonic Solfa: El Shaddai El Shaddai + Chord Progression

chord progression and tonic solfa

The popular Christian worship song popularly known as “el shaddai, el shaddai” is about to be scored and the tonic solfa exposed.

Basically, as a pianist, I can tell you that the best way to play this song is by scoring it with the highest volume of a grand piano voice.

Also, if you are used to minor and diminished passing chords, you should employ them moderately.

Tonic Solfa


El shaddai, el shaddai [r m f, f m r]

El-elyon na adonia [s f m f m r d]

age to age you’re still the same [r m f m r d t]

By the power of your name. [m r d d r f m]

El shaddai, el shaddai [r m f, f m r]

erkamka na adonai [s f m f m r d]

we will praise and lift you high [r m f m r d t]

El shaddai [m r d]


Through your love and through the ram [r m f s f m r]

you saved the son of Abraham [d s f m f m r d]

Through the power of your hand [f m f s f m r]

turned the sea into dry land [d s f m f m r d]

to the outcast on her knees [r m f s f m r]

you were the God who really sees [d s f m f m r d]

and by your might [d r m f]

you set your children free. [ f m d r]

El shaddai [m r d].

So that’s it, the tonic solfa for the verses are all the same, so you can just replicate these.

Chord Progression

The chord progression for el shaddai is simply fah – reh (or soh) – doh – lah.



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