Fashion items Gotten from USA for Profit

USA is about the largest gadget market in the world. The rate of tech adoption in this nation is amazing and virtually everyone is an early adopter.

It is also interesting to know that people switch to newly released products and trade-in the old ones. The life span of this switching is short hence, most of the items are still almost new.

A good example is iPhone 13 just released, with this iPhone 12 will be “obsolete” to some people and they want the latest.

Gadgets like laptops too, most people use them in the college and sell them off cheaply. These products are mostly in pristine conditions. For most of the items I have bought, accessories and boxes are intact.

This training open premium secrets kept by the big merchants that rake them millions of Naira monthly. This approach is to make you start small and expand with time.

Necessary Tools

  1. A good phone or PC.
  2. Platforms like OfferUp, Mercari and Facebook Marketplace use your location. It is essential that a VPN service is used. Windscribe is free to use on mobile and PC.
  3. Politely drafting messages to get attention from the seller (This can make you get the item cheaper than it’s offered).
  4. Understanding proper timing to reach out for deals. You might want to shoot your messages off office hours and when it’s not midnight (Consider time difference).
  5. Knowing the types of sellers available on each platforms

There are direct item sellers and flippers. Flippers buy from direct sellers to resell for profit too. You will notice their strict business orientation when you start discussing.

Direct sellers offer items cheaply and they do not entirely worry about the prevalent market pricing. They have had enough of the item in terms of values and just want to let it go.

start mini importation from usa to nigeria

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