Tonic Solfa of Happy Birthday To You [Birthday Song]

chord progression and tonic solfa

Hi guys, in my church, every first Sunday of the month, we like to celebrate with those who were born on that month.

And as such, the birthday song becomes a chorus by default.

So today, I am going to tell you the tonic solfa for the most popular birthday song today.

I don’t really know, I think the song actually has no title but it goes like “happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you”.

Now you know it, let us get started.

Stanza 1

Happy birthday to you [d d r d f m] [s s l s d t]

Happy birthday to you [d d r d s f] [s s l s r d]

Happy birthday, Happy birthday [d d s m, d d t l]

Happy birthday to you. [f f m d r d]

Stanza 2: Happy Birthday To You

How old are you now [ s l s d t]

how old are you know [s l s r d]

how old are you now ah [d s m d t l]

How old are you now. [f m d r d]

So that is it, for you left hand, you can follow the chord progression doh – fah – doh – soh (1-4-1-5).


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