Inspiration from Mmiki Enweilo Okalakwu

Respect those that has no inheritance to inherit from their parents

Coming from a wealthy family, you can never imagine what those that came from wretched home passes through in life

Our tradition has changed many people identity, including mine

When ever I remembered my family foundation

I usually go deep in silent, with tears rolling down my cheek,
But when I realized that today is better than yesterday, I smile like someone that has hope

Is never easy to start life from scratch
So many people will not understand this post

See respect those that come from poor backgrounds ,
Life with them is never easy

Many people will see you as mad person
Many will insult you, because you are nobody,
You will continue hearing questions like what can you even do, if you try me I will put you for jail
Many will be discriminating you like a smelling sheet

Many will not accept the truth or a good idea that is coming from you, just because you come from a poor background,
Your opinions never matter because your father is nobody

Please give respect to those that did not inherit anything from their parents

Unlike many that their parents start depositing money into account for them from their child birth

Please respect those that their parents is telling, give me, instead of giving them

My dear never you think you are bigger than them or you are doing well more than them because their wealth is starting from scratch

Please respect those that their father did not build houses, company’s, hotels, cars and many others, for them to inherit
You can never know what they are passing through in life

But if you are among those that their parents did not give bathroom slippers to inherit
Please know it that your children story will never be like yours
Make sure you are doing enough as you can for your children to inherit those things your parents didn’t keep for you to inherit
Work harder to make them, have a better future

To my fellow foundation builders, keep it up, hustle more ,the sky is your limit

Dont be discouraged, by the wealth of others
Be proud of your self and family, only God knows why you are born in that family

And never you forget that is your obligations to change the story of your family,
Alwas Believe this, Changing the story of your family is a task you must fulfill

Because that is the reason why you are there

Good morning from (Mmili Enweilo okalakwu )

Written by Grandbros

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