It’s not going to be like before that they will tell us to vote for our northern brothers—Babachir Lawal

Babachir Lawal, who was speaking on behalf of the northern Christians, made the statement when he was responding to the question about whether it is safe to say that the forum of northern Christian leaders will be endorsing Alhaji Atiku Abubakar in the next election since he said in the past that the north will always vote for one of their sons.

Babachir Lawal disclosed that the problem has always been that when it is time for an election like this, they will come to them(northern Christians) and say, “All of us are northerners, we should vote together, we should vote for our brothers.”

He said foolishly that they will cast their votes along with their northern brothers, and what will happen is that when the dinning starts, they will shove them that are northern Christians out.

Babachir said this is why they have decided that this time around, the northern Christians are not going along with anybody that does not understand that they have the right to enjoy the taste of democracy.

He said they are not going to follow anybody, be it Fulani man or any tribe that does not understand that there is a distinct entity of people that are called northern Christians, or in other words, smaller tribes in the north.

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