Messi wins 6th Balon d’or

Messi wins his 6th Balon d’or.

A picture of Lionel Messi posed with his 6 Balon d’or awards.

Lionel Messi Andre Cucittini has yet proven to the world his greatness in the game by clinging unto another milestone. The world’s best player has just won the Balon d’or in France for the record 6th time. No other player has achieved that.

He has gone far to break the tie in the rivalry between him and Cristiano Ronaldo who has 5 Balon d’or awards to his credit. He has once more shown the world of his class.

The award gala was held at Paris in France on the 2nd of December, 2019. The gala registered the presence of so many football greats including the award winner, Lionel Messi.

A picture of Lionel Messi posed with his family at the award gala.

Although, another familiar face in the person of Cristiano Ronaldo was found absent in the occasion as he was at Italy to receive his award as the best forward and player of the previous Serie A season.

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The award night was hosted by other football icons in the persons of Didier Drogba and……. The red carpet took place from 7:30 pm GMT +1. The award night then kicked off at 8:30 pm GMT +1.
After the speech was the calling out of the list of the 30 nominees and their positions. After that was the list of the Top 10 which records the names of super players who had performed well yesterday.

After the names of the other ten players which saw Cristiano Ronaldo come 3rd and Virgil Van Dijk come 2nd, was that of Lionel Andre Messi Cuccitini, the winner of the 2019, Balon d’or award. He was called out by Didier Drogba and then given the award by the past immediate award winner Luka Modric.

A picture of the Balon d’or award.

This is termed a beautiful decade for Lionel Messi as he won his first ever Balon d’or in the year 2009 and has wrapped up the 6th after a decade in 2019.

He is such a figure. He has also won so many other awards similar to that, by winning 6 European golden shoes, 6 pichichi trophies (LA Liga golden shoe) and 6 FIFA men’s best player award. Hence, the trending Hashtag on social media; #MESSIX.

We can’t forget his female counterpart, Megan Raipnoe who bagged her own female Balon d’or award yesterday alongside Messi.

He was an undisputable figure during the previous season, mostly in the Women’s world cup in which she finished as the best player of the tournament, highest goal scorer in the tournament and then the World Cup trophy with USA. She had a beautiful season and has something to prove it.

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Below is the list of the top 10 players of the world in the Balon d’or award.

10. Riyard Mahrez 🇩🇿 (Algeria/Manchester City)

9. Bernardo Silva 🇵🇹 (Portugal/Manchester City)

8. Robert Lewandowski 🇵🇱 (Poland/Bayern Munich)

7. Allison Becker 🇧🇷 (Brazil/Liverpool)

6. Kylian Mbappe 🇫🇷 (France/PSG)

5. Mohammed Salah 🇪🇬 (Egypt /Liverpool)

4. Sadio Mané 🇸🇳 (Senegal/Liverpool)

3. Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 🇵🇹 (Portugal/Juventus )

2. Virgil Van Dijk 🇳🇱 (Netherland/Liverpool)

1. LIONEL MESSI 🎖🇦🇷 (Argentina/ Barcelona)


A picture of the list of the top ten Balon d’or finalists.

Do you know that this year’s Balon d’or award has recorded the one with most number of African players in the top 10 finalists. Three players from different countries, in the persons of Sadio Mané from Senegal, Mohammed Salah from Egypt, and Riyard Mahrez from Algeria.

Do you also know that this is the first time Cristiano Ronaldo is missing out in the top ⏫ 2 of the Balon d’or since 2009. What a surprise? But he has not missed the top 3 since then.

The award is a very memorable one and would see any awardee go down to the history books of football and always at the back of any football lover’s mind.

By: Ikenna Emperor 👑

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