Obidients Asked For A Million Match But More Than A Million People Came Out – Nannah Sani

A member of the Obidient Movement in the North, Nannah Sani Kazaure while being interviewed on Trust TV’s Daily Politics boasted that the one Million Match by the Obidient is successful and that there are more than a million people that are attending the rally. Nannah Sani said,

“Let’s cast our minds back to all the rallies that have been going on. That shows us there are people behind the rallies and the beauty about it is how organic it is. People aren’t forced, people are putting their resources together. They’re coming out and saying, I support this person. That’s the nature of democracy, where your voice is heard, where you can say to another. I think when we were growing up, there was this fear there was a time when people couldn’t even say who it is, they would rather show their support for but you can see that the time is changing and people are coming out to say beforehand, this is my candidate.

“This is who my choice is. And we’re standing for it. And so you’ve seen rallies in Benue state, in Plateau State. You we’ve heard of the rallies in Nasarawa State and the list goes on and Cross River State, River State, people are coming out en-mass to have these rallies, to make their voices known, to let you see when they say A Million Man March, and you see more than a million people come out. That’s a very strong message and it’s a positive message too.”

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