Tonic Solfa of Oh Be Lifted By MOG + Chords Progression

chord progression and tonic solfa

I played this song some months back and today I am going to tell you the tonic Solfa and chord progression of oh be lifted which was by Mog.

To me, the songs has just two parts which was repeated over and over again in different keys.

So I am going to tell you the tonic Solfa, chord progression I used and lastly, the key of the song.

Tonic Solfa Of Oh Be Lifted

Oh be lifted [d d d s]

Above all other gods [s d d r r]

We lay our crowns [m s m f]

And worship you [l l s d]


Oh Glorious God [d d d d]

we praise your name [d r d t]

we lay our crowns [m s m f]

and worship you [l l sd]

Chord Progression of Oh be Lifted

When I played this song, to be honest, the progression is filled of mixed chords. By saying mixed chords, they ought to be passing chords but they are major chords as well.

So this is the progression

doh – lah – soh – doh – mih – fah – soh – doh.

The lah and mih chords are the “mixed” chords I was talking about.


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