Peter Obi: Crude oil been stolen by people in government

  1. Crude oil is not sweet (candy) you put in your pocket—Peter Obi
  2. Crude oil is loaded by registered ships whose destinations are known and must be approved by Nigeria Navy…. Peter Obi
  3. Ordinary Nigerians cannot lift stolen crude oil but government officials…. Peter Obi
  4. OPEC approved Nigeria to sell 1.8million barrels of crude oil everyday. It was reported that Nigeria sold one million, eighty three thousand (1.083m) barrels a day. 1.8m minus 1.083m is equal to 0.717 (seven hundred and seventeen thousand barrels were sold and not accounted for)… Peter Obi
  5. In July 2022, a barrel of oil was sold at $110
    110 × 717,000 being stolen = $78,870,000.00 are being stolen everyday…. Peter Obi
  6. Multiply $78,870,000 × 31 days in a month equal to $2,444,970,000.00 being stolen in a month…Peter Obi

Buhari is Minister of Petroleum

The APC administration 🤧

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