Positive Effects Of Tiger Nuts On People With Low Sex Drive

Tiger nuts have a long history of use in the treatment of impotence and erectile dysfunction in males.

This is one of the benefits of tiger nuts for men in terms of lovemaking. Tiger nuts include non-meat protein, which contributes significantly to the energy needed for $exual activity. Intense work during the day also consumes a lot of this energy.

According to WebMD, tiger nuts are a good source of arginine and omega 3 fatty acids, which enhance blood flow from the heart to the arteries and the penis. Without the use of any medicines, this enables the erection to be turgid, endure longer, and perform better.

Zinc and many vitamins found in tiger nuts help to increase testosterone levels and enhance the quality of male sperm.

Tiger nuts have a long history of being utilized as $ex drive enhancers. According to Heathline, In Ayurvedic medicine, they serve as aphrodisiacs. Men in Nigeria have also used tiger nuts for centuries to treat erectile dysfunction and increase sperm count.

However, very few research have looked into these alleged aphrodisiac qualities. In a mouse research, tiger nuts preserved testicular mass and sperm production after heavy metal toxicity.

In a 30-day rat research, consuming a lot of tiger nuts enhanced testosterone levels, accelerated $exual activity, and decreased the intromission period between mating sessions.

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