UnionPay Debit Card Makes Online Payment

You can pay for online purchases around the world, including utility expenses, mobile phone bills, online shopping etc by making use of the unionpay debit card; a cool alternative to both MasterCard and Visa.

Can I Get a UnionPay Card in the US?

Over 80% of merchants in the U.S. accept UnionPay credit cards for payment, including major Outlets stores in the US, duty-free shops at major airports, luxury brands such as Chanel, Gucci and Burberry, fashion/sports brands such as Theory, Tory Burch and Nike, large car rental companies such as Avis and Hertz, comprehensive shopping malls such as Macy’s and Bloomingdale, supermarkets and convenience stores such as Seven-Eleven and CVS, Disney, Universal Studios, etc. Over 90% of the ATMs in the US accept UnionPay cards.

You can get UnionPay debit card in USA via providers that have partnered with unionpay which include :

  • ECard :
  • ICBC :
  • RoPrice :

SSN not mandatory and you can use Non-U.S. Passport if you want to get roprice and ECARD UnionPay Card in the US.

Other unionpay card issuers or providers include :

  • ALLIED Wallet

How To Get UnionPay Debit Card Online

You can try Allied wallet and SticPay

how to get unionpay debit card for online payment worldwide

UnionPay Nigeria

UnionPay cards are acceptable at many shopping malls, franchise stores and other merchants in Nigeria popular among which are frequently visited by tourists as well as at all ATMs of all banks except for excluding Standard Chartered Bank.

In Nigeria, UnionPay cards are accepted for cash withdrawal and balance inquiry at all ATMs but Standard Chartered ATMs. UnionPay chip cards are accepted for withdrawing cash at ATMs of GTB, Enterprise bank, Jaiz Bank, Hasal MFB and ASO Savings.

Where is UnionPay Accepted?

Merchants displaying the signage of UnionPay accept UnionPay cards. Merchants include places frequently visited by tourists, such as shopping malls, souvenir shops, restaurants, hotels, etc. Since that some of the merchants have yet to put up the UnionPay signage, cardholders may show their UnionPay cards upon the till and inquire about UnionPay acceptance.

When using co-branded cards, you are advised to choose UnionPay as the routing option to be benefited from the special offers and services provided by UnionPay.

Websites That Accept UnionPay

At present, more than 10 million overseas online merchants accept UnionPay Online Payment. These merchants are based in 200 countries and regions, including Hong Kong, Macau, Europe, the US, Japan, South Korea, covering fields of retail, online travel booking, tuition payment, airline reservation etc. UnionPay online payment has the characteristics of convenient, and other characteristics, through multiple security technology and risk monitoring, to ensure the safety of cross-border online payment.

According to an article on prnewswire, these websites accept unionpay debit card :

  • Ozon, Russia’s largest e-commerce platform
  • Okko, one of the largest video-on-demand online services
  • Uber, one of the most popular ride-hailing companies in the country
  • Farfetch, an online luxury clothing store
  • Joom, a marketplace for buying goods from China, Japan and South Korea

In the article, it was also speculated that Wildberries, e-commerce platform, and Apple Store for Macs, iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, will join the list of websites that accept unionpay.

Is Union Pay a Visa Card?

No. It’s an alternative to mastercard and visa cards.

UnionPay Debit Card Charges

ATM commission fee consists of two separate fees:
(1) Service fee charged by the issuer: consult your issuer for details.

(2) Service fee charged by the ATM acquirer : some ATMs will charge surcharge fee, which is charged by the local banks and which has nothing to do with UnionPay or the issuer.

Cash withdrawal via debit card results in a lower commission fee.

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