Video- 2023: PDP Should Have Made Peter Obi Their Presidential Candidate- Obi Ezekwesili

Oby Ezekwesili who is a former Education Minister has said that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, should have made Peter Obi their presidential candidate and in failure to do so, they committed contempt as well as APC too.

According to her, the All Progressives Congress decision to field a Muslim-Muslim ticket does not cut across the diversity of the country while, the decision of the PDP to elect a Northern presidential candidate puts them in contempt as they jettisoned their constitution.

She said all these during an interview session with Channels Television and claimed that the contempt committed by APC and PDP is what is fueling Peter Obi’s popularity.

“When you know that clearly the time of the people from the South East as you designed it to be is now and you just upstaged that and yet you have the arrogance to be saying to them that they have no reason to complain because this is the season of character, competence and capacity”

“That’s sophistry because if you are going to use character, competence and capacity, then many of them don’t qualify to be the one saying, ‘we should be the one running because within the South East, they could have found people with the character, competence and capacity and by the way Peter Obi who is now the candidate of Labour Party was in your party. So if you really needed character, competence and capacity in a way that is just, in a way that is equitable, in a way that is inclusive in your PDP, you should have made Peter Obi become your candidate.”

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