Why not everyone can become a teacher

2022 Teachers’ Day –

Teaching is a noble profession, I must admit, and everyone cannot be a teacher. Just like there are doctors, engineers, lawyers, and all, there are teachers that are designed, trained, and perhaps called to teach others. Doctors can also be teachers, but not all doctors would become teachers. Lawyers, engineers, architects, and the like, can also be teachers, but not all of these professionals would become teachers.

Teachers always appear motivated by a greater desire and uncanny purpose to impart knowledge to their students, and to them, it feels like a sense of moral obligation or duty that their learners grasp a subject matter or can function rather independently with the knowledge they’ve acquired. And as it is some great joy for doctors to see their patients get well, so it is some greater joy for teachers to see their students excel and make giant strides, especially with the body of knowledge that has been passed onto them by their teachers.

When a doctor gets up every morning to go back to work, does he feel unmotivated? Or uninspired? Or even discouraged to continue treating and caring for his patients? Why would a teacher appear unmotivated or discouraged to teach a pupil or student what they must or should know? Doctors are healers, by some standard. Teachers, too, are healers. They heal or cure a cancer of growing ignorance that can throw their students into an abyss or a pit of intellectual death; they inspire weary hearts that are on the brink of collapse, and they lead as role models to generations of change-makers.

When we were growing up, we were told that teachers are not well-paid. They are still not well-paid. I mean how do you compensate individuals who culture the lives of innumerable people? Individuals who are incredibly committed to moulding lives and building professionals in several fields of human endeavour?

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