Why Would Atiku Run In The PDP When He Knows It Is The Time Of The South East? – Oby Ezekwesili

A former Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili while interacting with a journalist on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics said that the APC is wrong to have fielded the Muslim-Muslim ticket and the PDP is also wrong to have not to zone its presidential ticket to the South East. Oby Ezekwesili said,

“We know that it is important to manage our diversity efficiently, effectively, and in an equitable way. Now, I think that there is a segment of this population that looks at what APC and PDP did and find it utterly contemptible. First, in the case of APC, how could you possibly field Muslim Muslim candidates in a society that has always found a way to ensure balance for everyone? In the time of the military, they were smart to always find, you know, the northern head of state would find a deputy that would be a Christian, right and from the south, right, and then you come as a democracy, or you are not, you’re not even sensitive to that. That shows a complete, it’s like being contemptible, of his segment of your population.

“That is not right. And then you look at the PDP this is a party that always said that it tries to be built around inclusion. And so it always sort of made it possible for the rotational principle to support the emergence of the candidate and suddenly, a candidate emerged that has been running as the candidate of that party, many other times, and, you know, why would that happen? When you know that the time of the people that are from the southeast as you designed it to be is now and you will just upstage that and yet you have the arrogance, to be saying to them, that they have no reason to complain because this is the season of character competence and capacity.

“My goodness, that is sophistry, because if you’re going to use character competence and capacity, then many of them don’t qualify to be the ones saying we should be the ones running. Within the SE they could have found the people with the character competence and capacity. And by the way, Mr. Obi who is now the the candidate of Labour Party was in your party. So if you need that character competence and capacity in a way that is just you know, that is just in a way that is equitable in a way that is inclusive in your PDP you could have made it out will be become your candidate. So when you look at all of these, you now see that many segments of our society are vets, and before people begin to say, Oh, this is an evil people thing. It’s not true.

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